3 ways to sell:



sell as a timed auction.

Buy Now

sell with a fixed price
and allow offers (optional).

Auction & Buy Now

sell as a timed auction plus a fixed price. (If a bid is posted, the fixed price will disappear and the sale will continue as a timed auction).


Listings appear for 1 to 30 days and the seller can select a specific time for the sale to end. ‘Featured’ listings appear on the homepage by rotation to provide additional exposure.

Automated Invoicing

When an item is sold, Digger Bidder automatically generates an invoice for the sale. The seller can add payment notes to this invoice to assist the buyer with their preferred payment method.

No Buyer Premiums

There are no buyer premiums and the seller receives the full proceeds of the sale! See Digger Bidder’s fees.


Buyers and sellers can communicate with each other directly using the in-built private messaging system.


Buyers can pay for items on the site using a PayPal account or debit/credit card details – or sellers can mark an item as paid offline.


At the end of the sale, buyers and sellers are asked to rate each other, allowing users to increase their average rating which is published on the site.